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gurfer art
gurfer art


Upcycled Art & Merch


Jenna Wolfram

"From the start Mary's fun-loving and patient and makes you feel capable."


Mary Glazier founded Gurferlady LLC to introduce mental health outlets through surf instruction and artistic expression. GURFERLADY™ seeks to not only provide instruction and progression but also hosts creative community events along the way. 


Glazier's passion for GURFERLADY™ stems from being a self-taught “Gurfer (girl surfer)” after her surf-loving brother passed away during childhood. She has been in love with the rhythms

and eternal progression of surfing ever since.


GURFERLADY™ now has a variety of Gurf instructors to help guide you to your own surf style. When we’re not in the water, we’re breathing new life into Up-cycled resources through creative projects, workshops & markets.

Our Gurf Instructors 

10+ years of ocean knowledge, etiquette, & stoke!

 Internationally experienced Surf Instructing

Lifeguard Certified 

Licensed & Insured

Purely stokd to share the stoke!