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We are always looking for stoked-out, empowering
female surf instructors! Whether you'd like to help with larger group inquiries or our weekly instructing. 


- Share the stoke with our incredible clients and empower women to surf on their own!

- $40-60 per lesson, earn money in an impactful & rejuvenating way! 

- Flexible to your schedule ! We schedule out week to week based on wave forecast

Requirements / Responsibilities :

  • 5+ years surfing experience 

  • flexible schedule : 2-5 hours per week 

  • Surf checker, check wave conditions 30 minutes before each lesson

  • Physically able to swim & push surf clients for 1-2 hours at a time 

  • Able to drive to Palm Beach Island or West Palm Beach 

  • Able to convey constructive feedback for clients to progress in surfing ability

If you'd like to work with our larger groups once a month or instruct on a weekly basis, let's go gurf together and chat! :)

Thanks for submitting!

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